FreshMeal - Frequently Asked Questions

How healthy are meals prepared by Fresh Meal? And do they help me achieve my fitness goals?

FreshMeal was initially founded by physique competitors as pre-competition meal prep service and we take pride in maintaining competition level macro nutrients in each of our meals. Our customers typically crush their fitness goals using our meals and we love posting their stories on our instagram @freshmealseattle.

In addition, we use all locally sourced natural ingredients, avoiding GMO's, and hormones in protein.

What is the difference between the meals that come with weight loss and build muscles plans?

Our meals are carefully designed by fitness experts and prepared by our professional Chefs and culinary team to ensure your reach your fitness goals. Our weight loss meal delivery plan comes with 6 oz of lean protein while the Build Muscles meal delivery plan come with 8 oz of lean protein per meal. You can switch between the weight loss and build muscles meal plans anytime but in order to achieve true results we recommend you stick with the meals based on your fitness goal.

I need to speak to someone before making a purchase. Do you have a customer service representative to help me build my meal plan to achieve my fitness goals?

Absolutely. You can call us or text message us at (425) 215-1672 and a live representative will call you immediately. You can also email us at You can also chat with a representative on our website using the chat widget.

When will the meals get delivered to me?

Our team delivers freshly cooked healthy meals to you every Tuesday. We finalize all the orders for the week by Thursday. We then begin procuring locally sourced natural ingredients for your meals. Our Chefs and culinary team personally prepare your meals and package them on Tuesday before deliverying them fresh to your home or office.

How many meals should I choose per week?

Our typical customer chooses 10-12 meals for delivery every week. If you are ordering for more than one person, you can multiple this amount by the number of person.

Can I keep the meals in freezer for eating later?

All our meals come packed in microwave safe highest grade PP/Polypropylene trays. The prepared meals delivery box is also covered with Ice packs to ensure freshness. You can simply place the meal packages in your freezer for eating them later. When you want to eat, we would recommend microwaving on high for 60-90 seconds.

Do you have vegetarian meal options?

Yes, we have both vegetarian and vegan meal options in our menu. Our healthy gourmet meals are made to taste great and deliver fitness results.

When do I get charged?

You do not get charged when you sign-up. You get charged on every Thursday as soon as we begin sourcing ingredients for your scheduled meal delivery on Tuesday. If you don't have any meals scheduled for delivery on Tuesday, we will not charge you that week.

Do I need to select new meal preferences each week?

FreshMeal is a weekly pre-cooked meal delivery subscription service. Our Chefs will prepare and deliver your meals on a weekly basis based on your current meal preferences. You can always sign-in to our website and update your meal preference for the next delivery.

Since we prepare all your meals fresh, we require you to update your meal preference by Thursday so that we can plan the sourcing of the ingredients from local farmers accordingly.

How often do you update your meal options/menu?

All our meals are carefully designed by experts to ensure optimal fitness goals. We typically do a complete rotation of menu every month and frequently make updates based on customer feedback during the course of the month. Ther is a very good reason why we have consistently been rated by our customers as the best meal delivery service

Can I pause or cancel my plan?

Yes! We offer you all the tools to help you adjust in your busy life. You can skip your meal deliveries or pause/cancel your plan by signing-in to our website. Please keep in mind that we begin sourcing the ingredients for your meals 3-4 days in advance and so any changes to your plan must be made 3-4 days before the scheduled weekly delivery date.

How do I earn free meals?

Once you sign-up and make a valid purchase, you will have the option to refer friends under the “Referrals” tab on the website. You can use your prefered social media, or email to share your personal link with friends and family you’d like to invite. Our system will automatically award you free meals when someone signs up using your link.

How do I get sponsored?

If you have a great online community or following that would enjoy FreshMeal you are welcome to message us through our “contact us” page requesting a review for sponsorship.

How can my gym or business partner with Fresh Meal?

Click here for details. (link to partnership page)