fitness meal prep designed by professionals

Through chef-cooked meal prep packages sent to your home, our mission is simple; bring you the highest quality foods, service and inspiration, to help you achieve your dream body and life.


personalized Meal Plans for:

1. Weight Loss

2. Build Lean Muscle

3. Competition Body, Mass gain

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Text us @ (425)215-1672

Whether you're trying to look good in your swimsuit, rejuvenating a healthy lifestyle or competing in a body-building competition, FreshMeal is here to serve your meal prep needs!

locally sourced, high-quality ingredients

Supporting our local farmers and keeping costs down for everyone, while getting the best stuff out there!


certified chef and culinary team prepared meals

Professionally designed and cooked meals for maximum nutrients and results.

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same-day, home delivery for ultimate freshness

As FreshMeal's delivery guy arrives, she'll text/call you just to confirm her drop-off.

superior customer service

We strive to regard each of our clients as family.


healthy made easy!

We look forward to the next level of your body, energy and life!


to make things simple, text us your name and we'll reach out to you!

We'll give you a call for a free consultation, then get your personalized meal plan ordered and delivered right away!


Want us to call you?
Want us to call you?
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