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Chef-Cooked, Ready To Eat, Healthy Meals Delivered Fresh to Your Home

Skip the meal prepping, cooking and cleaning. Our professional chefs cook delicious meals and we deliver them fresh to you straight from our kitchen every week.

How It Works

Choose Your Meals

Choose your fully prepared fresh meals from our wide & healthy selection of rotating menu options. All our meals are rich in protein and are carefully designed to contain healthy nutritients for the body.

Our Chefs Cook & Deliver

Our certified chef and culinary team cook your meals from scratch using natural & raw ingredients and deliver them fresh to your home every week. Our meals are always freshly prepared and never frozen.

You enjoy

With our fully prepared/premade/cooked meals you don't have to cook. Simply heat the precooked meal tray in microwave for 2 minutes and our fully prepared, healthy meal is ready for you to enjoy. You can store the extra meal trays in refrigerator for upto 10 days.

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Our Chefs Cook Every Single Meal

Fresh & Healthy

Natural & Organic

Delicious & Nutritious

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What is Fresh Meal?

Hassle-free Premade Meals

Every week you receive a package of individual portioned healthy & fresh meals that are fully cooked and ready to eat by simply microwaving for 2 minutes. All our meals come packed in microwave safe highest grade PP/Polypropylene trays.

Healthy Ingredients, Chef-Cooked Fresh Meals

All of our meals are prepared fresh using locally sourced ingredients by our in-house culinary team. Our meals are always fresh, never frozen. The prepared meals delivery box is covered with Ice packs to ensure freshness during delivery. You can simply place the meal packages in your refrigerator for eating them later.

No Cooking and Cleaning

Say Goodbye to meal prepping, cooking and cleaning. Fresh Meal empowers you to eat delicious, healthy meals on your schedule. We rotate our menu regularly and you can update your selection anytime.

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Customer Reviews

My wife and I both work full-time and thanks to Fresh Meal, now we don't spend hours cooking and cleaning every night. We usually order 5-8 different types of pre-cooked meals every week and eat whatever we feel like by simply heating the meal for 3 minutes in microwave. We simply pause our subscription when we travel and resume when we're back.


I subscribed to Fresh Meal's dinner delivery service when I was pregnant and continued the prepared meal delivery service after I had my first son. Their food is fully premade and is just delicious, portions are good, and they have plenty of options. Customer service is great. They are also Seattle based and are affordable.


We bought Fresh Meal subscription service for our daughter who recently moved out for her Bachelor's program in UW. She loved the premade meals and since then her friends have also subscribed. I'd highly recommend Fresh Meal as a convenient and affordable cooked dinner delivery service for busy professionals.


We've tried several cooked meal delivery services in the past in Seattle but never been quite satisfied with anyone to stick around for more than a month. Fresh Meal is simply the best cooked meal delivery service. Their premade dinner meals are ready to eat by microwaving in 2 minutes and always taste fresh and delicious. Their pricing makes them one of the more affordable dinner delivery services in Washington.